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Radio Frequency Treatment

While Botox is the most popular treatment on the market, there is another treatment that offers similar benefits.

A Needle-Free Alternative to Botox

Radio frequency skin tightening is an anti-aging, non-ablative treatment that uses RF energy to tighten the surface of the skin.

A needle-free alternative to Botox, skin tightening can address a wide range of skin concerns, including poor texture, sagging, dullness and wrinkles. It works to tighten, brighten and smooth the skin through softening fine lines and firming facial contours. Radio frequency has been around since the early 2000’s, but it has quickly gained recognition as celebrities use it as a needle-free alternative to Botox.

Simply put, this non-ablative treatment uses cosmetic light technology to place heat energy into the skin to produce maximum, anti-aging results with little to no downtime. Your clients will need multiple sessions to see the best results.

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